Susan Ritchie

Hornby Island is a community steeped in volunteer and co-operative traditions.  Members of the Island's community, from the 1800s to the present day, have known that co-operation is an important aspect of living in such a small, isolated community. This focus has led to the establishment of many co-operative ventures, including a credit union, a consumer co-operative store, community...

Colleen Shepherd
Kristen Sinats

Date of Incorporation: 1975

Lloy Wylie

Date of Incorporation: 1950

Lloy Wylie
Nicole Chaland

Date of Incorporation: March 3, 1975
Membership: 3294 (year end 1999)
Activity: East End Food Co-operative is a consumer owned, natural food and grocery store
Location: Commercial Drive area, East End

Nicole Chaland

Date of Incorporation: May 28, 1921
Membership: approximately 10 000
Activities: Consumer-owned groceries, hardware, clothing, lumber, agro and petroleum products
Area Served: Dawson Creek, BC

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