Community Economic Development

Jennifer Alsop, SERNNoCA Researcher
In coordination with Dr. Ian McPherson


Chris MacDonald

Date of Incorporation: Not yet incorporated

Nicole Chaland
Kyla Zachary

Date of Incorporation: August 2, 1995
Membership: 9 member organisations1
Area Served: Cowichan Lake area
Activity: Maintaining and creating employment in Cowichan Lake through logging; value- added wood processing; managing government contracts; establishing of a trust fund for scholarships

Nicole Chaland

Date of Incorporation: July 2000
10 – 25
Type of Co-op: Worker-owned
Activities: janitorial, community gardens, greenhouse, community kitchen
Area Served: Dawson Creek, BC

Julia Smith, BCICS Researcher

Pitseolak, the famed Inuit artist, writes in her autobiography, “I know I have had an unusual life, being born in a skin tent and living to hear on the radio that two men have landed on the moon.” [1] Many Inuit of Pitseolak’s generation experienced the transition from living nomadically on the...

Dr. Jutta Gutberlet

Informal Recyclers - Documentary

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