Christina Barber
Members of Shalom Co-operative

Name of Co-operative: Shalom Cooperative

Sol Kinnis

In January 2001, a small group of renters gave life to a new co-operative that addressed their need and desire for affordable, secure, healthy housing. Unable to access existing co-op housing and seeing little new development, the founding members of the Roofs and Roots Housing Co-operative wanted to create something different than the housing co-op models that existed. Through my research at...


Seen as a crown jewel to the Sri Lankan people since its creation in 1978, the thrift and credit movement known by its Sri Lankan acronym SANASA has emerged in an attempt to eradicate the countries poverty. With twenty-seven district unions, seventy five hundred primary societies and seven hundred thousand members (Hulme & Mosley, 1996), SANASA has a presence throughout Sri Lanka. While...

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