Colleen Shepherd

Date of Incorporation: August 2000

Margaret Chrumka
Colleen Shepherd

Date of Incorporation: July 16, 1996

Lloy Wylie

Date of Incorporation: Spring/Summer 1994
Membership: 6 board members, 120 or so consignors;
Activity: Marketing Co-op/Retail Outlet for locally produced art.
Area Served: Cowichan Valley and some outlying areas.

Pamela Eberhardt

Date of Incorporation: In process June 2001, never completed.

Laura Sjolie

Date of Incorporation: 1985.
Membership: 10
Activity: Provides a venue for mostly female artists and crafters to seller their work.
Organizational Form: Artist Marketing Co-operative
Area Served: South Peace Region

Chris MacDonald

Date of Incorporation: Not yet incorporated

Colleen Shepherd

Date of Incorporation: 1983
Membership: 15 artists, 60 consignees
Activity: Local Art and Craft Gallery
Organizational Form: Member Co-operative
Area Served: Nelson, B.C. and surrounding area

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