Sol Kinnis

In January 2001, a small group of renters gave life to a new co-operative that addressed their need and desire for affordable, secure, healthy housing. Unable to access existing co-op housing and seeing little new development, the founding members of the Roofs and Roots Housing Co-operative wanted to create something different than the housing co-op models that existed. Through my research at...

Laura Sjolie
Andrea Zacharuk

Date of Incorporation: 1991

Cory Rushton
Nicole Chaland

Date of Incorporation: March 25, 1985 (the actual housing co-op was built and occupied in 1986-87)
Membership:  44 (with additional Associate Members)
Activity: Providing housing for members and promoting co-operative housing issues.
Area:  Commercial Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia

Nicole Chaland

Date of Incorporation: 1972

Eryk Martin
Robin Puga

This episode of Each for All: The Co-operative Connection (http://eachforall.org) features an interview with Spence Mann of the Co-op sur Genereux just off Papineau Street in Montreal. In the interview Spence explains in detail how the housing co-op got started and how the co-op's governance structure works. Visit the co-op...

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