Syinurayi Collective Farming Co-operative

Membership: The co-operative has 24 members and is situated in a community of just less than 100 people.

Activity: The objectives of the co-operative are:

  • to develop agricultural inputs in the area,
  • improving the living standards of the members,
  • to become self reliant,
  • processing farm produce to finished goods.

Organisational Form: The Syinurayi Co-operative operates on a one-member one-vote system, with an equal share of decision-making power held by each member. For the purposes of practical management the co-operative elects a management committee of seven people each year at a general meeting of the co-operative. All major decisions regarding the co-operatives future would likewise be decided by the collective at a general meeting.

Date Formed: Registered on the 30 th of November 1982 .

Area Served: The small Syinurayi Co-operative has replaced the former commercial farm. Located 88 km south of Mutare in the Manicaland Province .

Structure: All the money the co-operative earns is divided equally between members. There are no wages for members. The monthly family income hovers around $100. The co-operative has set aside a small amount of savings, but has no assets, nor debts, as all infrastructure and equipment is owned by the state.

Adapted from a case study by Wim Klunne

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Wim Klunne
Thursday, January 1, 2009


Cashel Valley, Manicaland Province