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REDA is a private, non-profit continuing education organisation dedicated to providing human resource training and programme developmentThe REDA Co-operative Youth Program is A Unique Alberta Youth Experience. The REDA Co-operative Youth Program is one of...

Members of the National Youth Co-operative Network

Antioquia Chapter of the National Youth Co-operative NetworkMembers

Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA)

It is hard to imagine compressing six months or a year of living and learning in a brand new environment into a scant 300 words. Yet that is exactly what six young people have done in the items that follow. With remarkable freshness and clarity, they capture some truths about co-operatives and about living outside of one’s comfort zone. In many respects, those are the same qualities that...

Sweta Patel

Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS) is an autonomous organisation of the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Central Government, India. It has undertaken the promotion of the National Yuva Co-operative Society as a way to harness and to channel the productivity capacity of young people. Yuva means YOUTH.

Federation of Young Co-operators

Date of Incorporation

Federation of Co-operative Agrarian Youth Centres

 Federation of Co-operative Agrarian Youth CentresDate of Incorporation

Robin Puga
Ian MacPherson
Julia Smith

Historically, the co-operative movement has always demonstrated an interest in communicating its messages and providing its benefits to young people. The Rochdale Pioneers, shortly after their store was opened, recognized what they could do on behalf of young people and formed a youth study club for them.  In 1853, as their Society prospered, they proposed that 10% of their surpluses (or...

Mogoto Youth Co–operative

Date of Incorporation
The co–operative submitted its registration documents in September 2004.


There are 3 female and 12 male members in the co-operative, ranging in age from 21 to 34 years.

Sarah Groot

Date of Incorporation
November 2003


110 members, both males and females between the ages of thirteen and twenty-eight.


There are approximately five million youth involved in the Indonesian co-operative movementIntroduction
Co-operatives in developing countries have different characteristics from co-operatives in developed countries, differences explained...

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