British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies

Date of Incorporation:  December, 2001

Laura Sjolie

Date of Incorporation: 1985.
Membership: 10
Activity: Provides a venue for mostly female artists and crafters to seller their work.
Organizational Form: Artist Marketing Co-operative
Area Served: South Peace Region

Colleen Shepherd

Date of Incorporation: March 17, 1999
Membership: 80
Activity: Eco-system based community forestry; some botanical agriculture; eco-tourism
Organizational Form: Worker/producer co-op
Area Served: The community of Harrop-Procter, British Columbia

Lloy Wylie

Date of Incorporation: 1999

Chris MacDonald

Date of Incorporation: Not yet incorporated

Nicole Chaland

Date of Incorporation: March 3, 1975
Membership: 3294 (year end 1999)
Activity: East End Food Co-operative is a consumer owned, natural food and grocery store
Location: Commercial Drive area, East End

Nicole Chaland

Date of Incorporation: May 28, 1921
Membership: approximately 10 000
Activities: Consumer-owned groceries, hardware, clothing, lumber, agro and petroleum products
Area Served: Dawson Creek, BC

Nicole Chaland
Kyla Zachary

Date of Incorporation: August 2, 1995
Membership: 9 member organisations1
Area Served: Cowichan Lake area
Activity: Maintaining and creating employment in Cowichan Lake through logging; value- added wood processing; managing government contracts; establishing of a trust fund for scholarships

Lloy Wylie

Date of Incorporation: March 15, 1948
Membership: 5645
Activity: Financial services
Area Served: Primarily Chemainus and area, yet includes members from all over the province
Assets: $74 million

Nicole Chaland
Jill Kelly

Date of Incorporation: February 1976
Location: Commercial Drive, in Vancouver’s East End

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