Delia Becker
Cheryl Lans

Until 1997, residents on an island near Vancouver Island grew shellfish for an industrial concern. When the company merged with another company and relocated, it hired non-islanders to raise its shellfish. This meant over 100 family incomes disappeared in an area with a total population of only 1000 people. Gone were...

Lloy Wylie

Date of Incorporation: October 19, 1951

Nicole Chaland

Date of Incorporation: July 17, 1945
Membership: approximately 700
Activities: Consumer-owned bookstore, focusing on progressive literature
Area Served: Lower Mainland, BC

British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies

Date of Incorporation:June 1998

Colleen Shepherd
Kristen Sinats

Date of Incorporation: 1975

Colleen Shepherd

Date of Incorporation: August 2000

Margaret Chrumka
Colleen Shepherd

Date of Incorporation: July 16, 1996

Julia Smith
Sol Kinnis

Date of Incorporation: March 2001

Victoria Bowman
Nicole Chaland
Kyla Zachary

Date of Incorporation: March 14, 1950
Membership: 2000
Activity: Financial services
Area Served: Lake Cowichan and District (Youbou, Lake Cowichan, Mesachie Lake, Honeymoon Bay, Caycuse)
Assets:  $22 million

Colleen Shepherd

Date of Incorporation: August 22, 2001

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