Mbonambi Youth Co-operative

The co-operative produces bricks and blocks that are sold directly to the public and to government departments.Date of Incorporation
This co-operative, located in the Zulu Kingdom of South Africa, is still engaged in the registration...

Jürgen Schwettmann

Youth co-operatives have existed in Serbia (and several other former Yugoslav republics) since 1938. Their main purpose is to familiarize young, unemployed people with the world of work by finding them short-term job opportunities. Today, there are some 300 such co-operatives with 200,000 members in Serbia and Montenegro. Youth co-operatives exist in most urban locations of Serbia that have...

Mogoto Youth Co–operative

Date of Incorporation
The co–operative submitted its registration documents in September 2004.


There are 3 female and 12 male members in the co-operative, ranging in age from 21 to 34 years.

Sbizundlombane Youth Co-operative

Date of Incorporation
The co-operative is in the process of being registered. All the necessary documentation has been submitted to the office of the Registrar of Co-operatives and it is anticipated that it will be formally registered in early 2005.

Membership of the Co – operative

The co-operative has 10 female and 5 male members...

Amita Dharmadhikary-Yadwadkar

Members of the co-opThis is an account of how 10 enterprising young men residing in a small village named Kedgaon in the Pune district of India have rediscovered the co-operative way for generating self-employment and income. All of them, in the age group...

Sarah Groot

Date of Incorporation
November 2003


110 members, both males and females between the ages of thirteen and twenty-eight.

Jim Jones

Before student housing co-ops, women had a very hard time finding housing in the male-dominated university environmentIn the years after the end of the American Civil War, many colleges and universities were opening their doors to women for the first...


There are approximately five million youth involved in the Indonesian co-operative movementIntroduction
Co-operatives in developing countries have different characteristics from co-operatives in developed countries, differences explained...

Clarissa S. Trampe

Primary school students in Claveria.Everything was still dark. Not a streak of sunlight had touched the silent sky. We packed our suitcases and a few days’ supply of food and water in the bus. “It would be a long day on the road,” my old...

Donna St. Louis

Peer education is a cornerstone of the Youth Savings Club. The Youth Savings Club programme is a capacity building project for the Ghana Co-operative Credit Union Association (CUA). The credit union movement in Ghana is nation-wide with millions of members and...

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