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Nicole Ghanie

El VIH / SIDA continúa haciendo estragos en las redes sociales y la capacidad productiva de las cooperativas africanas. En la lucha contra el VIH / SIDA, es necesario identificar el rol de los jóvenes en las cooperativas y actuar sobre él.

Lee Wilson

El doble propósito de este trabajo es formular preguntas acerca del rol de los jóvenes en el movimiento cooperativo en Australia e introducir temas que giran en torno al medio socio político que podría afectar las decisiones que los jóvenes podrían tomar acerca de su involucramiento en cooperativas. Desafortunadamente, las actitudes y conductas de los...

Ian MacPherson

In May 2003 about 170 students, academics, co-op leaders, and independent researchers from nearly thirty countries gathered at the University of Victoria to attend a conference jointly sponsored by the International Co-operative Alliance, the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation and the British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies.  While researchers presented papers on...

Nicole Ghanie

HIV/AIDS continues to ravage the social networks and productive capacity of African co-operatives. In the fight against HIV/AIDS, the role of co-operatives, and especially the role of young people in co-operatives, needs to be identified and acted upon.

Lee Wilson

The dual purpose of this essay is to raise questions about the role of young people in the co-operative movement and to introduce issues surrounding the socio-political environment in Australia that could affect decisions young people might make in thinking about becoming involved in co-operatives. Unfortunately, the attitudes and behaviours of young people towards co-operatives have not been...


Seen as a crown jewel to the Sri Lankan people since its creation in 1978, the thrift and credit movement known by its Sri Lankan acronym SANASA has emerged in an attempt to eradicate the countries poverty. With twenty-seven district unions, seventy five hundred primary societies and seven hundred thousand members (Hulme & Mosley, 1996), SANASA has a presence throughout Sri Lanka. While...

Julia Smith, BCICS Researcher

Pitseolak, the famed Inuit artist, writes in her autobiography, “I know I have had an unusual life, being born in a skin tent and living to hear on the radio that two men have landed on the moon.” [1] Many Inuit of Pitseolak’s generation experienced the transition from living nomadically on the...

Dr. Jutta Gutberlet

Informal Recyclers - Documentary

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