Marang Cake, Bread and Catering Co-operative

Marang Cake, Bread and Catering Co-operativeName of the Co-operative
Marang Cake, Bread and Catering Co-operative. Marang is a Setswana word meaning the “dawn of the new day”.

Date of Incorporation

Mbonambi Youth Co-operative

The co-operative produces bricks and blocks that are sold directly to the public and to government departments.Date of Incorporation
This co-operative, located in the Zulu Kingdom of South Africa, is still engaged in the registration...

Mogoto Youth Co–operative

Date of Incorporation
The co–operative submitted its registration documents in September 2004.


There are 3 female and 12 male members in the co-operative, ranging in age from 21 to 34 years.

Sbizundlombane Youth Co-operative

Date of Incorporation
The co-operative is in the process of being registered. All the necessary documentation has been submitted to the office of the Registrar of Co-operatives and it is anticipated that it will be formally registered in early 2005.

Membership of the Co – operative

The co-operative has 10 female and 5 male members...

Sarah Groot
Katende Billy

Name of Co-operative:  Kiyoola Youth Development Co-operative


There are approximately five million youth involved in the Indonesian co-operative movementIntroduction
Co-operatives in developing countries have different characteristics from co-operatives in developed countries, differences explained...

Stephen Kirk

The outside of Organic Planet in WinnipegOrganic Planet Worker Co-op opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, during May 2003 at a location that had been home to a retail food co-op for the previous 25 years. When that business was closing, the Community Economic...

Robin Puga
Julia Smith
Ian MacPherson

In the co-operative world, few things are as important as the ways in which groups perceive and then pursue opportunities for co-operative enterprise. The following case studies illustrate some of the ways in which young people in different parts of the world are engaging in co-operative activities: what has been important to them, how they have taken advantage of opportunities, and what they...

Katie Brennan
Jennifer Gutshall
Nicholas Herman

The following two interviews, kindly provided to us by the Northeast Federation of Cooperatives (, provide perspectives from two young people who are deeply involved in the American co-operative movement.

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