Nicole Ghanie

HIV/AIDS continues to ravage the social networks and productive capacity of African co-operatives. In the fight against HIV/AIDS, the role of co-operatives, and especially the role of young people in co-operatives, needs to be identified and acted upon.

Jo Billy Scullian

Young people are increasingly important. According to the United Nations (UN), children and young people, under the age of twenty-five, make up fifty percent of the world’s population. The world has already begun to change to incorporate these billions of young people, by making more of an effort to engage them. Young people are going to have to start playing a larger part economically,...

Lee Wilson

The dual purpose of this essay is to raise questions about the role of young people in the co-operative movement and to introduce issues surrounding the socio-political environment in Australia that could affect decisions young people might make in thinking about becoming involved in co-operatives. Unfortunately, the attitudes and behaviours of young people towards co-operatives have not been...

Robin Puga
Ian MacPherson
Julia Smith

It is both easy and difficult to think about co-operatives. They are almost everywhere around the world, in every country and meeting hundreds of different kinds of needs. One can find them in virtually every kind of community. Yet the information about them is often repetitive and tends to be concerned with co-operatives that have been successful in the past and still exist in the market...

Dr. Jutta Gutberlet

Informal Recyclers - Documentary

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