Robin Puga
Ian MacPherson
Julia Smith

Historically, the co-operative movement has always demonstrated an interest in communicating its messages and providing its benefits to young people. The Rochdale Pioneers, shortly after their store was opened, recognized what they could do on behalf of young people and formed a youth study club for them.  In 1853, as their Society prospered, they proposed that 10% of their surpluses (or...

AMS Bicycle Co-op

A mechanic removes a tire from a bike wheel.Erica Mah, one of the mechanics at Our Community Bikes, draws in many of the shop’s female customers. Unused to seeing women employed in such a trade and drawn in by the shop’s focus on education and a do...

Jürgen Schwettmann

Youth co-operatives have existed in Serbia (and several other former Yugoslav republics) since 1938. Their main purpose is to familiarize young, unemployed people with the world of work by finding them short-term job opportunities. Today, there are some 300 such co-operatives with 200,000 members in Serbia and Montenegro. Youth co-operatives exist in most urban locations of Serbia that have...


There are approximately five million youth involved in the Indonesian co-operative movementIntroduction
Co-operatives in developing countries have different characteristics from co-operatives in developed countries, differences explained...

Robin Puga
Julia Smith
Ian MacPherson

In the co-operative world, few things are as important as the ways in which groups perceive and then pursue opportunities for co-operative enterprise. The following case studies illustrate some of the ways in which young people in different parts of the world are engaging in co-operative activities: what has been important to them, how they have taken advantage of opportunities, and what they...

Clarissa S. Trampe

Primary school students in Claveria.Everything was still dark. Not a streak of sunlight had touched the silent sky. We packed our suitcases and a few days’ supply of food and water in the bus. “It would be a long day on the road,” my old...

Katie Brennan
Jennifer Gutshall
Nicholas Herman

The following two interviews, kindly provided to us by the Northeast Federation of Cooperatives (, provide perspectives from two young people who are deeply involved in the American co-operative movement.

Erik Haensel

The Internet is like a vast library where keystrokes can scan shelves of books in moments and mouse clicks will propel you through seemingly infinite floors of information. But it is also a confusing maze with masses of information organized in disparate fashion. Embarking on what seems like a quick search can result in hours of frustrated flipping between this page and that, search engines...

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